Thursday, 7 November 2013

Dallas, Texas

Following the football we had a lovely few days with Gail & Joe.  Visiting, the Museum of Art, the Nasher Sculpture Centre, Klyde Warren park and the Arboretum.  Also, fine dining at a beautiful restaurant attending the theatre and "Hooters".

No! Robert wasn't dressed in orange to camouflage with the Halloween pumpkins.  Our visit to the Arboretum, was the day after the football game and he was wearing his Auburn college colours in case he met any Auburn supporters.  We only saw one and he didn't even acknowledge us.  He probably thought Robert was a pumpkin too!  The gardens had a massive display of various pumpkins in all sorts of sculptures.  It was amazing.

There were several of these cute little guys scurrying around, collecting the fallen acorns, darting to a good spot, burying it. Checking to see if any other squirrel was watching then racing off to find more and repeat the exercise in a different spot. We found them cute however the locals call them vermin.  I guess it's the same with possums in Australia.

The gardens were beautiful and colour displays dazzling, even though it was Fall.

This part of the gardens was a haunt for lovers, weddings and photographers.  The big empty photo frame was begging for use.

You can see why. It had views over the lake and the city, to the right adding to the beauty of the spot.

The Dallas Museum of Art had a wonderful collection that we spent several hours admiring.  This piece in the front window, was made of large pieces of coloured glass.  Most were about a metre across.  Last year the same artist had pieces throughout the Botanic gardens, which Gail said was beautiful. 

The art gazing made us really hungry so we went outside, over the road to the Klyde Warren park. A clever urban space built over the freeway.  Food trucks are allowed to park along side for a few hours each day, so we had a slider in one, then an ice cream from a different one, while enjoying the sunshine.

     This area was a stage space and concerts are held here during the summer.

Fine dining at Three Forks was a highlight.  Sorry about the darkish photos but the decor was so over the top and gorgeous.  The antler light fittings were fabulous.  The food was also first rate. Joe & Mat, (son) shared a T-bone-the size of which made my eyes water. In the foyer were photo of famous guests, Harrison Ford was one who thoroughly enjoyed the experience, as did we.

     This was in the bar area.

We spent a very pleasant few hours perusing the Nasher Sculpture Center, It was started by Raymond & Patsy Nasher, who made their fortune developing shopping centres. This was originally their private collection and held some truly beautiful pieces by, Picasso, Giacometti, Henry Moore, Joan Miro and more. The best collection I've seen. Enjoy a small sample.

    Joan Miro

        Giacometti.  His brothers.


We were allowed to photograph only a few inside but there was no limit in the gardens outside. A truly amazing collection.

That last one, called the "Tornado", sums up our trip. Now we're nearing the end we feel like we've swept into places, rushed to see things and rushed away to see more.  It's all been wonderful though.  Before leaving Dallas we saw a play at the Tower Theatre, of which Gail is a member.  It was the life story of Hank Williams. Apart from being very good, it was also very topical in light of the fact we were heading to Nashville.

Prior to the play Joe took us to the local Hooters, a restaurant chain where the waitresses wear orange shorts and all seem to be in their early twenties. I'm not sure that the concept would pass equal opportunity requirements in Australia, however the Buffalo Wings were very tasty. I realise now that Joe likes the place because the orange shorts match Auburn's football team colours!

Thank you for your hospitality, Gail & Joe, we had a wonderful time.  Thanks also to Mat who fed us well.  Gail broke her wrist a few days before we were due.  She was playing 'Pickle ball'. We don't know the game either. Something like badminton, but played with a small wooden bat. I don't think it's usually a dangerous game!

Cheers, 'till next time. 
Robyn & Robert,
The Tourin'Travellers 

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