Sunday, 25 August 2013

Cinque Terre. Amazingly beautiful.

Okay Folks. I've finally worked out this Blog thing. Here's our first one, from Cinque Terre. A seriously beautiful place.  The fabulous vino & coffees made it all the more wonderful.

The views rom the sea end of Riomaggiore. The hilly town at the end of Cinque, where we stayed. 

Looking in the other direction. 

 The narrow winding streets. Imagine lugging cases up that hill! It was very difficult.

                       Monterosso. First town in the terraces and where we began our walk.

Some of the steps. They were very steep, uneven and difficult to keep an even walking pace.  The 3km took us two & half hours to travel!  It was 35* though.  However the views were spectacular.
                                                               As I said, SPECTACULAR.

Venazza. The first town we came to, and due to the extreme heat, the end of our walk.  A swim
here was too inviting, as was the vino & coffee!

Total exhaustion after all that exercise !!!

                       This is what the rock formations were like all the way up the coast.

Okay, we carried luggage up these stairs but don't fancy getting the down.  It's so steep. 
We ended up sort of sliding them down, with a person on either end.  It was an OHS 
situation waiting to happen.

 So after Cinque Terre, we moved onto Lucca. More photos in the next blog. 
Cheers from the Tourin'Travellers. xx

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