Saturday, 31 August 2013

Robert's Torino

Whilst Robyn ran her heart on the hockey field, I explored Turin for two or three days. Turin was initially Italy's capital and home of the Monarch, King Ferdinand. Of the Savoy lineage this King brought French design influence. As a result Central Turin has beautiful buildings, palaces, promenades and palazzos. In later years the city industrialised and is home to Fiat. 

Turin is only an hour away from the alps bordering France.  So it was with some relief that I travelled to my B&B, Bella Baita to relax. I rented a mountain bike one day, walked another and on the third assisted my hosts in the setting up of a cooking class. I had thought the class would be slow cooking, instead it was all about slow food, that is food you grow yourself or procure only locally.  Below you can see Fabrizio (two photos) in his abundant garden. The third photo shows the B&B with house red and finally a nearby weekender.

I then made a side trip to Berlin and Heringsdorf. The latter being a Baltic Sea resort town originally favoured by the German Monarchy. My friend Ewald has renovated a grand house into six apartments plus penthouse. Norrie from London also joined us for this stay, Ewald was a wonderful host.

We visited the site where German rocket engineers perfected the V1 & V2. Latter these engineers were snapped up by the victors to develop space research capability (US and USSR excelled).

Ewald's renovation.

And some grand houses on the promenade that runs all the way to Poland.

We returned to Berlin and had a traditional dinner in the old town of Berlin. Next day Norrie and I undertook a sightseeing tour. Below is the Brandenburg Gate and the Bundestag (parliament).

My Berlin experience was capped off by spending two nights with Mick's former housemate, Andreas & daughter Ella. Some of you may recall meeting the 'Germans' at a Hanna Christmas. Like Mick & Claire, Andreas and Nadja are surrounded by friends, all with little ones in tow.  Ella was not in a photogenic mood.

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