Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Santa Fe, take four!

Whoops!  Said we were heading to New Orleans when we last posted, however that would miss out a spectacular part of our trip.  Santa Fe, New Mexico and friends Rich & Jill Merriman. 

Another whoops!  Had trouble with the iPad not loading my working blog. So we found an Apple store in Memphis and helpful Sam, flicked a few buttons and pressed publish on the drafts I had running. So they are sitting below this one. Just ignore them.  He apologised for being too quick!

Back to the trip. Following an overnight stay in Dallas, with Gail & Jo Barth, who we met in Thailand, we headed for New Mexico via the Palo Duro Canyon State Park.  A beautiful place that has the second largest canyon in the US.  As we drove into the Park we met these gorgeous creatures.

There had been a lot of rain before we got there so our poor little Chevrolet "Sammy" Sonic had to nearly swim a few crossings!

On the journey to Santa Fe we stayed in the town of Amarillo.  There was very little in the town except a military facility that manufactured and disarmed nuclear weapons.  Thanks to Rich, we had a lovely meal at the only decent place in town, and were very surprised to find this neon light on the walk back to our hotel.  Being the only one in town it was even more surprising to find that it was the entrance to the Amarillo National Bank's CAR PARK!  Breakfast the following morning was at the One Stop Donut shop.  You could get donuts, warm, off the assembly line.

Onto Santa Fe and the welcoming company of Rich & Jill.  Picture here shows us about to walk through the Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument.  More pictures of that stunning place later.
Their lovely home and the view along the back.
Santa Fe is an interesting town, that has no high rise buildings.  Dwellings are built in the Mexican Adobe style.  This means that they blend into the environment well and from a distance look as if they're not there.

The Palace of Governors.  A historical building on the edge of the town square.

No, it's not Jessie, but a bronze look alike outside a beautiful art shop in the Canyon Road.  A wonderful place to wander if you like hand crafted art works.

This one was unbelievable.  Fancy putting all those seed beads on that difficult surface.

Robert having a demonstration in how they made these beautiful containers woven out of a type of grass.  They were so intricate and very difficult to make.

Robert checking out Kit Carson's pizza oven, in the courtyard of his house in Taos, an hour from Santa Fe.  It's not as good as the one at home!

The oldest working adobe church in US. It was built in early 1800's and is a beautiful working model of the adobe style buildings that dominate this area.

The earth ships just outside Taos, New Mexico.  Amazing homes built with recycled materials, and aim to be totally self sufficient, having the smallest impact on the environment as possible.  There were hundreds of buildings in the valley and you could hardly see them. Fantastic.

The Rio Grande!  Crossed over just prior to getting to the earthships. Unforgiving country to live in.

Our next trip was to Tent Rocks with Jill & Rich, but because it was such a beautiful place, and the camera was very busy, I'll keep that 'til next blog.
Bye for now,
Robyn & Robert 
The Turin'Travellers 

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