Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Vancouver Two

We left you suspended in Victoria, on Vancouver Island.  Sorry about that but there were too many photos to fit in one blog.  Anyway we left you in a very pretty city, worth seeing.  A walk along the river front had many ports for these cute river taxis.  We took one over to Fisherman's wharf.

Surprisingly we weren't there for food, or fish, but to see seals.  A nearby cafe sells fish for the seals so they come and cruise under the jetty waiting for some kind tourist to hold one up. This tourist found the exercise quite scarey.  They raise themselves so high out of the water with mouths open showing, very sharp teeth.
It was much more peaceful just watching them swim below us, like Lauren.
                  Very cute.

             Fisherman's Wharf is home to many cute house boats.  Several for sale!

     One way to get around!

Flower baskets were all over the buildings downtown.  They a were quite spectacular.

These woolly mammoths are actually trees.  In front of a famous hotel called The Empress.
     Lovely gardens and pavement flower boxes with the Hotel behind.

Ok, so this cowboy entertainer thought James was pretty cute and kept singing to him during his performance at a pub.  Their show was so good they emptied the bar, something new for us! We felt somewhat trapped into staying being the only ones listening (to really bad country & western) however were eventually able to escape and seek refuge in different bar with a restorative beverage.

This is really for Mick and all the 'Moosejaw Rifle Club' fans.  This restaurant made a good breakfast, well brunch really.  We all stayed up to watch the Blues get beaten by the Swans. It would have been ridiculous, but a first, for the team that finished ninth to win a Grand final.

A fabulous time had with relatives, Lyn & Brian.  Such welcoming, generous hosts.  Unfortunately for us the weather closed in and clouds covered the mountain and views.  However, we had a lovely time eating and drinking and the Lyn proceeded to give Lauren & James heaps of homemade preserves, as a parting gift.

Our return to Vancouver had us change our accommodation to the a room in an apartment behind all these boats.  It was a short walk to Granville island and a short bus ride to J&L's. very comfortable.
           The view from inside!

       This was a very fine eating place nearby. Tasty fish & chips.

For all the golfers, the next series of photos should make you jealous.  Robert & James played a round at Pemberton Golf Club.  I was chief photographer and got somewhat carried away.  
Just to prove they actually played and didn't just scenery watch!
                 Not bad eh!!

      Scenery on the journey to and from the golf course!  Amazing. 
      Slightly cloud covered, snow capped mountains.  And it's summer!!

On our final day together J&L drove us up Cypress Mountain for a stunning view of their city.  Snow capped Mt. Baker was visible, as was Vancouver Island in the other direction. It was very beautiful.

So Tony Abbott at least the Canadians believe in climate change as this sign shows

Scenery on the way up the mountain

No we aren't trying to jump in.  We were salmon spotting.  We'd just been into a hatchery where we saw the poor fish spending their last amounts of energy just to get up the river where they were born, in order to die!  What an amazing life journey these creatures have.  It was incredible to see how high they jumped to get above each obstacle.  Below us in the river that fed the hatchery you could see the salmon jumping too. 

After the salmon hatchery we went to Shannon Park.  Crossed a suspension bridge and walked to a clear pool, with ice col water where people were actually swimming. 

           Not bad for a self photo!
View of the river from the middle of the bridge.
          A very beautiful and peaceful spot, thoroughly enjoyed by the visitors.
Colours were just beginning to change.  We were fortunate to have sunny weather for our stay and it was very sad to leave.  However James and Lauren had to work, so onward to Dallas and New Orleans. 
Cheers from
Robyn & Robert
The Tourin'Travellers 

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