Wednesday, 4 September 2013

London, August 2013

London.  It sounds so exciting to say you're "in London".  We stayed behind the Tate Modern, near where the Bluescope Steel office used to be.  Views over the Thames to St Paul's and the London skyline.  Easy access to the Tate Modern.  The Globe Theatre nearby, unfortunately no tickets available for shows while we were there.  We walked the Tate Modern, it took hours but was worth it.  Walked across the Millennium bridge to St. Paul's, then wandered down Fleet st. to Trafalgar Square, all the time thinking I was playing Monopoly!  

Our "home" was near the London Bridge, Southwark Market.  This was the local.  Flowering baskets like these were all through Britain and were spectacular.

This barber shop in the market did a fine job cutting Robert's hair, although that's a misnomer, he doesn't have hair!! However it regularly needs a shave and they did a fine job here.

A short walk along the river we found The Globe Theatre.  "The Tempest" was on but unfortunately we were unable to get tickets. It's an interesting place.

So we crossed the river looked in at St Paul"s then continued up Fleet st. towards Trafalgar Square. It had been taken over by Scots men.  Very merry, and in town for the "friendly" soccer match to be played the following night.  On the way towards Australia house and just by the Law Courts, we snapped this double decker.  It made London feel right to have one in the photo gallery!!

        The crowded & noisy Trafalgar Square
To escape the noise we entered St Martins in the Field church.  The ensemble due to play that evening were rehearsing.  We had a special time listening to gorgeous music, that seemed to float in this beautiful space.  Much more preferable to the rabble rousing outside.  The window is amazingly simple ans stunning. 

A little further on our wander to find the tube station, we came across this.   Across the river was the London eye.   So we had a tour of all London's sites in a short walk!!!

Here ends our very short stay in London.  We are moving onto Edinburgh for the Fringe Festival.
Cheers for now,
The Tourin'Travellers  

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