Monday, 30 September 2013

Brooklyn Hair

Unfortunately I started taking photos of some of the hairdos too late.  They are so intricate and artistic. You may remember my comment about having a hair cut in Brooklyn.  Whilst in the salon, I was intrigued to watch a lady having her hair braided by a female hairdresser.  She had been going for one hour and had only braided ten centimetre triangle on the top of the ladies head.  She thought she had two or three hours to go!!!!  She was doing very fine braids that criss crossed the forehead.  Incredible.




I know the next one is blurred, but she looked so classy in her hat.  Her hair was in two plaits that ran along the lower part of her heads.  It looked smart.


Here ends the New York chapter.  On to Vancouver and James & Lauren.  YIPPEE!
Robyn & Robert
The Tourin'Travellers

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