Monday, 30 September 2013

Brooklyn Mardi Gras

Brooklyn Mardi Gras was an experience.  The principle focus was on the country allegiances of Caribbean immigrants now residing in New York. We got there at the start, to get a position on the fence.  It began at 1.00ish. The first half hour was taken up by political candidates for the position of Lord Mayor.  They were all Democrat nominees, Republicans do their thing on another day. Some were wealthy and had lots of helpers. Some were walking to stop the killing in the streets.  Others with four or five people were having their say as candidates for the Mayoral position.

Once the real exhibits got going though, it was really incredible, as you will see from the photos.  We left about 3.30pm but it was still going at 5.30pm,  when Sam went down to see it. Well really to join in, 'cause that's what everyone was doing when we left. Jumping barriers and trying to be part of it!!

Some of the revellers waiting

Waiting for the start we saw some incredible sights.  This man had a dress on.  A dog dressed up in the pusher and a parrot, also in costume, on his head.  Robert was chatting to a local getting the info about the parade.  The guy just out of picture, holding a blue pull along was selling cold water & "water".  Some sort of alcohol, coloured rum in fact!   Many people were dressed up in costumes.

New York Police Band kicked it all off and they were accompanied by the marching band.

 Young guys selling fairy floss cruised by continually.

These guys were part of the political parade.  Their man was handing out flyers to tell us what he stood for.  We're still not sure!

Then, the groups started.  These huge trucks, with a generator on board, blared out thumping music for the dancers all dressed in these incredible outfits, who would dance briefly then try and negotiate the crowds who had joined their parade!  In previous years steel drum bands were the norm, alas now DJ's who thrive on thumping bass and hip hop/RnB with Caribbean influences are preferred. Oops perhaps I'm living in the past!
        The rear view!
       Dancers close up!
     More outfits
Police tried to man the barriers so party goers didn't jump in, but soon gave that up as a lost cause.  So you ended up with a throbbing mass of people passing all the time.  Many trying to go against the traffic.  However they were all enjoying themselves. (Perhaps not the police!).

Next blog will be a short one showing some of the fabulous hairdos.

Cheers for now,
Robyn & Robert,
The Tourin'Travellers

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